About Us

Bird Dudes is a website focused on making “dudes” out of all of us who enjoy watching, feeding, and caring for nature’s feathered friends around us.

In fact, here is the definition of a bird dude:

A casual birder who likes to go birdwatching but doesn’t make it a high priority for themselves. Dudes prefer to go birdwatching in nice weather and easy to access areas….Dudes are generally not experts in bird identification but are quite happy just seeing the more common  birds.


Whether you see yourself as a bird “dude” or not, we’re so glad you’re here. Are we going to all become birding experts? Probably not!

But we’re going to do our best to provide you with all of the information, tips, and resources to increase your knowledge of, and enjoyment for the birds around you.

Our mission is to answer the questions you have about the birds in your backyard: what they eat, how to feed them, what types of houses they prefer, how to keep pests away, and more.

We review the best bird related products, provide guides to help answer the questions you have about your feathered friends, and offer it to you in a friendly, easy-to-digest format.

Keep it here for everything you want to know about the birds that share your world!