Best Bird Bath Heater and Deicer

The winter months can be a difficult time for backyard bird lovers. In the colder climates, it’s not uncommon to see your favorite bird bath go from a beloved water source to an ice-covered frozen block of misery.

If you’re like most people, you want to keep your birds happy and healthy throughout the year. You don’t want them going hungry or thirsty in the winter months just because you live in a cold climate! Let’s discover the best bird bath heater and deicer for your backyard!

Installing an electric bird bath heater is one of the best ways that you can help protect the birds during those chilly winters. These heaters are designed specifically for use with outdoor fountains and ponds, so they can handle everything from freezing rain to subzero temperatures.

Best of all, these heaters plug right into an outlet on your property so there’s no need for complicated installation or wiring work beyond what is required by the particular model that you choose!

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What to Consider Before Buying a Bird Bath Heater

what to consider before buying a bird bath heater

Before you run to the store to buy a bird bath heater, there are some important considerations:

Size of Bird Bath

The first thing to consider is the size of your bird bath. Some heaters only have enough wattage to keep very small fountains or bowls from freezing, so you’ll want to make sure that you choose a heater with the correct wattage for your particular fountain or deep bowl.

And, it’s important to get the right size of heater relative to the size of your bird bath. Measure the bottom width of your bird bath and choose a heater that is not as wide. That way you’ll be confident that it will fit into the bird bath.

Large Bird Baths and Fountains

For larger birdbaths or fountains, you may need to choose a deicer that is powerful enough to keep the water from freezing overnight.

If necessary, consider purchasing multiple units and placing them strategically around your fountain or bowl.

Your Electricity Needs

Another important consideration is the power supply for your heated bird bath. These heaters plug right into any standard outlet so it shouldn’t be hard to find a position that works in your yard.

However, if you have limited access to outlets or are worried about overloading your circuits, you can also use an extension cord to reach an out-of-the-way spot for your heater.

Thermostat Control

One of the best features that a bird bath heater can offer is a built-in thermostat.

Most of these heaters are designed to automatically turn on when the water in the bird bath hits a certain temperature, and then shut off when it’s safe for your birds. This means that you will never have to worry about preventing your bird bath from freezing again!

Heater Buying Tips

There are several additional tips to make sure that you find the right heater for your particular set-up. Here are some things to consider:

Is It Safe?

Since these heaters are designed for use in outdoor settings, many of them have an automatic shutoff if they are tipped over.

Other than that, you’ll want to look for any product safety warnings regarding use around children or pets. Choose the best heater based on your personal preferences regarding these issues.

Can It Be Used with My Bird Bath?

Some bird bath heaters are shaped in a way that makes it difficult to install them into certain types of bowls and fountains.

Just be sure to check the shape, size, and watts of power of the bird bath heater you’re considering.

Price Range

These bird bath heaters are available at prices ranging from about $25 to more than $50. However, the more expensive models are often equipped with better features like larger wattages or built-in GFCI plugs.

How About a Solar Bird Bath Heater?

If you object to the use of electricity and you want a more eco-friendly option, consider purchasing one of the solar bird bath heaters. The main drawback is that these units only work during the day and will not be helpful at night when it’s coldest.

However, if you put your heater in place before winter starts or if your bird bath is only exposed to temperatures for a few hours at night, you should be able to keep your bird bath from freezing with solar heating.

It is Expensive to Run a Bird Bath Heater?

If you are concerned about the cost of operating a bird bath heater, it is important to know that these units use very little electricity and typically only run for a few hours each night.

Here is one example: If your 50-watt bird bath heater was kept running 24 hours a day, it would cost about 10 cents per day.

It may not seem like much, but even small things can make a difference: turning off your yard lights or closing the garage door when its cold. You can use this same approach to prevent your bird bath from freezing during the winter.

How to Use the Heated Bird Bath Efficiently

how to use the heated bird bath efficiently

There are some things you can do proactively to keep your bird bath heater working at top efficiency:

  • keep the water in the bird bath clean; change it out every several days with fresh water
  • when the water is out of the bird bath, give it a scrub with a mixture of 1 part vinegar to 9 parts water
  • be sure to use exterior extension cords if needed
  • most of all, read the instruction  manual thoroughly so you’ll know how to operate your bird bath heater correctly

Tips for Attracting Birds to a Heated Bird Bath

  • Keep the bird bath clean
  • Make sure the water doesn’t freeze
  • Include a moving water source like a fountain
  • Place the birdbath lower to the ground
  • Put some rocks in the bottom of the bird bath

Best Bird Bath Heaters

GESAIL Bird Bath Heater for Outdoors in Winter

GESAIL bird bath heater

This birdbath heater is designed for standard size birdbaths, such as metal, plastic, stone or glass birdbath. It can keep your birdbath from freezing in winter and will not calcify, rust or leave stains.

The heavy duty cast aluminum is easy to clean and will not corrode or rust. It has a thermostat that controls the temperature of the water to prevent both over heating and freezing. This product comes with a 12 foot cord and plug so it can be placed on an outside wall where there is an outlet available.

BIRD WISH Birdbath Deicer, 50W Thermostatic Control Energy Saving Durable Bird Bath Heater

birdwish birdbath deicer

The BIRD WISH bird bath heater with thermostatic controller effectively prevents the water in the birdbath from freezing and keeps the water flowing all year round.

With the built-in 50W, 120V thermostat, the BIRD WISH bird bath deicer operates only when necessary. Low power consumption ensures safe use and saves electricity.

Made of a heavy, painted, sturdy cast aluminum with all heating elements potted or encapsulated to protect animals from burns. This model is designed for standard size birdbaths.

Simply place the heater in the center of the bird bath and make sure it’s covered with water. Then plug it in and it will begin doing its job!

API Bird Bath De-Icer Bird Bath De-Icer with Aluminum Base

API bird bath deicer

This birdbath deicer is a great way to keep your feathered friends warm. It’s recommended for up to 15 gallons of water and heats the water to a comfortable temperature for birds. The deicer has an aluminum base that helps it run at a cooler temperature than most, making it safer for animals and children.

It can be used with most bird baths and comes with an automatic shutoff feature that protects birds from the heating element. This product is CSA certified, UL listed, safe and easy to use!

Farm Innovators Model C-50 Premium Cast Aluminum Birdbath De-Icer

farm innovators model C-50 bird bath deicer

Farm Innovators Model C-50 Premium Cast Aluminum Birdbath De-Icer is a 150-watt bird bath warmer that keeps water from freezing for happy, healthy birds all winter long. This de-icer plugs into any standard exterior household outlet and has a thermostatically controlled heater that automatically turns off when warm enough to save you money.

It also features durable cast aluminum construction that withstands tough weather conditions for ultimate efficiency and safety. The unit’s base can be safely submerged in the bird bath with the partial cord above ground for all outdoor garden bowls.

K&H PET PRODUCTS 100213393 Original Ice Eliminator Birdbath Deicer

K&H pet products birdbath deicer

Keep your birdbath ice-free and your wild birds happy with the K&H Outdoor Bird Bath De-Icer. This innovative bird bath heater will keep water from freezing to 20 degrees below zero Fahrenheit, ensuring that your feathered friends can always find a warm place to land during the cold winter months.

The thermostatically controlled de-icer is submersible and easy to clean. It’s made of durable enamel finish that can be spray painted any color to match your backyard decor. And it’s designed by K&H, the brand pet owners trust


It is important to keep your neighborhood birds warm during the winter months. Birds need a place to take refuge from the cold, and you can provide it by keeping their bird bath heated with an electrical heater. The best way to do this is by installing a heat source within the bird bath itself so that it will never go below freezing.

We hope that you’ve found the best heated bird bath option for your backyard birds!