How to Select the Best Bird Feeder Pole

It’s important to choose the right bird feeder pole when you’re looking for a way to attract birds without inviting pesky squirrels. 

There are so many options out there that it can be hard to know where to start. You want something that is going to last, serve your feathered friends well, but also fit your needs and budget. It can be very time-consuming to try and narrow down all of the choices.

You might be just starting with a feeding station and want to make a wise choice in the pole system you select. There are a variety of options, sizes, and even styles to choose from. After all, you want your bird feeding station to look good, too.

No worries, my friend. We’ve done all the research for you so you don’t have to! We’ll show you what features are most important when it comes time for selecting your new bird feeding pole in our article today!

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Types of Bird Feeder Poles

types of bird feeder poles

There are several types of bird feeder poles to be aware of, so you can select the pole that will best serve your needs as well as your budget.

Wood feeder post:

An easy, economical option for feeding birds is a wooden feeder post with brackets. You attach the brackets to the wood post and then place your bird feeder on top of it.

Metal feeder pole:

A metal bird feeder pole is another option you can use to mount your feeder. The advantage to a metal pole is that, like the tripod, it frees up floor space which can make your yard or garden feel less cluttered.

Single-armed feeder pole:

A single arm bird feeder pole can work well for a smaller backyard. It frees up floor space and provides just a single area to set your feeder.

Double-armed feeder pole:

For a little more room to play with, you may want a double-armed bird feeder pole that is designed for hanging two items from it so you have twice as much of the ability to attract birds.

How to Choose a Bird Feeder Pole

how to choose a bird feeder pole

However you choose your bird feeder pole, there are several important considerations.

What is your budget for a bird feeder pole?

Think about how much you want to spend on the feeder pole, because there are many price points to choose from. You can purchase a very basic bird feeder pole for less than $50, but you could also spend well over $300 if that’s what your budget allows.

And, remember that the lowest cost bird feeder pole may not last as long or endure the elements as well as one that is made a little better. You’d like it to last more than one season, right?

What material is it made from?

While we typically think of wood as the most common material for a bird feeder pole, metal and PVC plastic can be an excellent choice too.

There are many options in sturdy metal and PVC feeder poles, and you’re likely to be able to find the pole that will work best in your backyard.

Make sure that whichever material you choose, it’s of the best quality so that it’s durable, and you can enjoy it for years to come.

What should the height of the bird feeder pole be?

You’ll find that bird feeder poles will be available anywhere between two and nine feet tall, some even higher, so you have some flexibility to create a unique setup in your backyard or feeding area.

You’ll want to determine which species of birds you’ll be feeding and plan accordingly for the height of the pole.

Typically, a bird feeder should be between 5 and 6 feet from the ground, a height that is easily accessible for refills. Also, setting up a pole within this optimal range can help keep it out of reach from predators such as cats.

Some birds prefer to eat at higher levels than others, so it might be helpful to place feeders at different heights and attract a greater variety of feathered friends.

What should the diameter of the bird feeder pole be?

The average diameter is between 1 and 1.5 inches, although there are some feeder poles that are up to 3 inches in diameter.

This will allow the birds to feed with no problem, but it will also make it difficult for squirrels to get their mouths around, too.

It depends on the size of the bird feeder you’re going to mount to the pole, as well as how the supports are placed into the ground.

How is the bird feeder pole assembled?

Some feeder poles come complete with ground supports already installed, while others require you to dig deep holes in your yard and cement them into place.

Instead of using a post hole digger, install a simple feeder pole with built-in ground supports to make installation a snap.

It shouldn’t be an all-day affair to install a bird feeder pole, my friend. Many of the popular feeder poles include base prongs that quickly insert into the ground.

Deck or railing mounted bird feeder poles typically use brackets or clamps to secure them. Just check them periodically to make sure they haven’t loosened up.

The screw-style component of the auger-style option makes it extremely sturdy and dependable. Many times they delve up to 24 inches into the ground, so once they’re in place they aren’t going anywhere!

Bird feeder poles with three, four, or five prongs are available in a variety of depths that dig deep into the earth. Because of their stake design and the load-bearing effect of having numerous foundation points, they are quite robust.

What is the optimum location for the feeder pole?

Ideally, your bird feeder will be placed where it’s accessible to you, and to the birds, but not so much for predators like cats and squirrels.

If you can keep the feeders about 10 feet from trees and shrubs you’ll minimize the opportunities for squirrels to leap onto them. They are very resourceful!

Placing the bird feeder pole and feeder close to a window may seem like a great idea. You can watch the birds as they feed, keep an eye on the food supply, and all will be well.

Just remember to keep the feeders at least three feet from a structure to minimize the possibility of birds injuring themselves by flying into a window.

Squirrel-proofing is important, too

Keeping the squirrels away from your feeders is essential, so if your bird feeder pole doesn’t include a baffle, here are some to consider, that will give you a squirrel-proof bird feeder pole.

A baffle will prevent squirrels and other pesky intruders from climbing up a bird feeder pole, and also stop them from jumping down from above.

They’re really helpful and can also protect the birdseed from the elements when there is a baffle above the feeder.

Here is an example of a highly rated squirrel baffle:

squirrel baffle

Woodlink’s Audubon Wrap-Around Squirrel Baffle is the ultimate way to defeat squirrels trying to get at your bird feeder. Made of textured powder-coated steel, this baffle will protect your bird feeders from squirrel damage for years to come!

The wrap-around design allows you to secure it around any 1/2-inch to 1-3/8-inch pole or shepherd hook. No need to remove the bird feeder when mounting this baffle.

Highly Rated Bird Feeder Poles to Consider

Here are some bird feeder poles that have been well-rated by consumers. We’re providing a variety of materials and types for your consideration.

Best Choice Products 6-Hook Bird Feeding Station

best choice 6 hook

This Best Choice Products 6-Hook Bird Feeding Station is the perfect addition to your backyard. It includes:

  • rust-resistant pole
  • 4 top hooks
  • 2 moveable hooks
  • 5 prong base
  • food tray
  • water bowl
  • wire feeder
  • suet feeder
  • tube feeder
  • peanut feeder

The feeding station has six hooks that are adjustable to fit any feeder you choose. There are four large upper hooks for hanging bird feeders, a water bowl/birdbath, and food tray.

A second set of smaller lower hooks can be used for hanging wind chimes or garden planters. Hooks on the top of the feeding station are great for hopper, tube, and Nyjer feeders that attract small birds while another set of adjustable hooks are perfect for hanging planters.

The 5-prong base includes ground stakes that can be inserted deep into the ground for stability.

Best of all, it can be assembled in about 15 minutes!

Garbuildman 92 Inch Tall Shepherd Hooks with 5-Forked Base Bird Feeder Pole

garbuildman pair of shepherd hooks

A pair of sturdy, tall shepherd hooks may be the perfect bird feeder poles for you:

  • shiny black painted surface
  • flexible and sturdy
  • height options from 44″ to 92″
  • 5 stable prongs to provide base support
  • heavy duty steel is rustproof and waterproof
  • easy to install

Garbuildman 92 Inch Tall Shepherd Hooks with 5-Forked Base is a great bird feeder pole for your garden. It has a unique design that allows you to adjust the height freely from 44”, 60”, 76” or 92”.

The five prongs base provides stronger support and more stability. This shepherd hook is made of heavy-duty steel which is rust-proof, water-proof, and crafted for years of durability. Its black paint surface makes it look bright and shiny in the garden.

Artigarden 76 inch Outdoor Shepherd Hook with 5 Prong Base

artigarden shepherd hook

The Artigarden 76 inch shepherd’s hook hanger is made of 3/5 inch width & 2mm thickened steel pipe with 5 solid anchor points. You can easily adjust the height for 76’’, 60 ” or 44 “

Comes with high-quality steel construction and powder-painted finish, which increases the durability and is long-lasting, as well as being rustproof.

It has two double-forked base prongs and extra-long prongs, which means the firmness and stability are much better than those with 2 or 3 prongs.

The freestanding 76 inches shepherd’s hook is easy to set up and install or take down.

  • 5 extra-long prongs at the base
  • 3/5 in thickened pipe with maximum capacity weight of up to 16 pounds
  • painted powder coating means it is rustproof and long-lasting
  • rubber stopper at the top of the hook will keep water out of the pipe

If a wood bird feeder pole is what you’re searching for, here is an option that is available at Walmart:

vidaXL Bird Feeder with Stand Firwood

vidaXL wood bird feeder with stand

This wooden bird feeder with stand is ideal for wild birds to perch and enjoy a meal in your garden. The bird feeder itself is constructed from firwood is stable and durable enough to withstand all weather conditions.

  • Overall Size: 14.6″ x 11″ x 39.4″ (W x D x H)
  • House height: 8.3″
  • Stand height: 31.1″
  • Assembly required: Yes

The aviary is open on the sides so that it is always easy for the birds to reach and for you to fill it with food. The roof provides sufficient protection from any threat.

It is portable and can be moved around easily with the free-standing design. This bird feeding station complements your existing garden decor and also brings beautiful birds into your yard!

Conclusion: Find the Best Bird Feeder Pole

There are many options for bird feeder poles when it comes to feeding birds and ensuring that they have their nutritional needs met while keeping pesky squirrels away.

The right feeder pole for your needs is the one that will best suit your space, the size of feeder you plan to mount, and the type of birds you want to attract.

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy providing care to wild birds and will install a variety of feeding stations in your backyard!